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Drug Culture In The Music Industry And How It Is A Fatal Issue

This article focuses around the drug culture surrounding the music industry, causing many artists to lose sight of who they are are what they mean to others. Many artists, most recently Mac Miller, have died to overdose and drug use. This picture on the right is the post that Ariana Grande, Mac’s ex, posted after his death. Even those who are not in contact anymore are affected by the actions of someone who thought that they were not cared for. 

Lil Peep Didn't Have To Die, But Xan Culture Does

Personally, I was not a fan of Lil Peep's music, but this does not negate the issue in any way. The problem surrounding the music scene affects every artist who is creating and trying to find their mental happiness. Resorting to drugs to find your happiness is not a way to solve the problem, but just a short term and unhealthy solution. In today's culture, instant gratification is emphasized heavily and people don't like to think of the end goal, but rather see short term ways to get a dopamine boost. This is not the right mindset for creators or for anyone. This causes drugs to be an instantaneous escape. 

famous artists have died to overdose since 2010
years old is the avg death
years is the US Life Expectancy

Music Has a mental health problem

When approaching the drug problem in the music industry, many people blame it on the drugs themselves. This does not solve the issue though. There will always be access to drugs if one is willing to look in the right places and especially if they have the resources of these big artists. The way to really solve this issue is to help people accept who they are and attack the issue at it’s root. 

J. Cole's Recent Album

J. Cole’s most recent album focused around a satyrical view of addiction to tackle this sensitive subject. The fact that mainstream artists who have partaken in such actions are speaking out against it shows how important this issue is and how the world cannot keep losing some of its bests artists to drugs and addiction. 

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